Radical Love : An Introduction to Queer Theology (Chinese Edition)

New Book: Radical Love : An Introduction to Queer Theology (Chinese Edition)

Author: Patrick S. Cheng

Translator: Chan Wing  Choi, Daniel

Joint Publishers: Queer Theology Academy, Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship


About the Book

Radical Love : An Introduction to Queer Theology was first published in English in 2011;  the first introductory text book on the subject of queer theology.  Cheng  provides a genealogy of queer theology from the 1950s to today. He explains the themes of queer theology using the ecumenical creeds as a general structure, topics include revelation, God, Trinity, creation, Jesus Christ, sin, grace, Holy Spirit, church, sacraments, and most importantly, as seen through the lenses of LGBT theologians.  Cheng asserts in his book that,  "radical love is a love so extreme that it dissolves our existing boundaries that separate us from other people, that separate s from preconceived notions of sexuality and gender identity, or that separates us from God."


About the Author

Patrick S. Cheng is an Episcopal priest, theologian, and attorney. He works for a national agency of the Episcopal Church, and serves as an associate priest at The Church of the Transfiguration in New York City. He also teaches at Chicago Theological Seminary as an Affiliated Associate Professor of Theology. Patrick is the author or co-editor of four books, including Radical Love (2011), From Sin to Amazing Grace (2012), and Rainbow Theology (2013).


This Book is Recommended By

Rev. Dr. Ngeo, Boon Lin

Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church in New York (MCCNY)

The author interweaves queer theory with the genealogy of queer theology, and

also gives an accurate discourse of queer theology  in light of the traditional Christian doctrines. Patrick  has achieved in bringing the readers into the rich and colorful world of queer theology!


Kwok Pui Lan

William F. Cole Professor of Christian Theology and Spirituality at Episcopal Divinity School, internationally known Asian Feminist Theologian.

Patrick  is a renowned Asian queer theologian who has advocated for LGBTIQ equal rights in North America for many years.  I hope his book is a helpful  resource for Chinese churches and society, and also serves as a support and encouragement to queer Chinese.


Rev. Canon Alan Chan

This book is a gem for Chinese on the topic of queer theology.  As readers, I hope you agree with me that we are all queers who share similar struggles but also the same hope. Let us join together and work for the reconciliation in the world especially the Church.