Book Discussion

January 2014 Book Discussion Club on Masturbation and Theology

Author : Miss Ho Ka Ming, theology student, "

Guest Respondent: Dr. Ho Sik Ying


The discussion was described as untamed, outburst and the impact of it could be qualified even as a campaign, reported Ka Ming, the author. Guest respondent Sik Ying rendered it as an “historical moment,” since no women would talk about her first-handed experience on masturbation in public, and to her surprise that masturbation could be related to spirituality. She suddenly realized that this perspective can be employed to talk about theology. “If this is so, then THIS God is quite OK to me,” Sik Ying was glad to learn this.


Ka Ming has learned masturbation by herself since she was young

Book Discussion Club March 11, 2014

Moderator: Dr. Rose Wu, editor of the book

Speakers: Rev. Bok Sha Lun, Anthony Man, Davy Wong  (authors of the book)

Why would a lesbian marry and give birth to a child? It’s because of one thing: stupidity, plus, an extremely twisted personality.

Looking at her name, Grace, one can tell straight away that she was from a Christian family. Her parents and sister are all ministers at church. Her will, ever since she was little, was to have her body cremated

December 21 Book Discussion Club on Sex, Theology and the Disabled

“I want to have dates, be married and have children, but I don’t think I am legitimate to do so…” Hazel Man was stirred when she first heard this comment from a disabled person while she was studying her Master of Divinity two or three years ago. She came to realize that what was considered normal in a normal person’s social or sexual life is not actually easy to get for the disabled. It is not that the disabled can’t have a